All birds are protected to some level through UK legislation (The Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981). Westgate Pest Control can help support individuals and businesses to ensure they stay within the law whilst carrying out essential bird control works necessary to protect health and business.Feral Pigeon

Why control Birds?

  • Prevent contamination & disease
  • Safeguard your investments
  • Protect your reputation
  • Meet your legal requirements
  • Prevent insect infestations

Birds, like rodents have the ability to spread disease, eat and contaminate our food and cause distress and anxiety. Feral Pigeons alone are known carriers of over 100 pathogens and their fouling can cause numerous respiratory issues such as pigeon fanciers lung and ornithosis.

Bird fouling is unsightly, presents an image of poor hygiene and when wet is a slip hazard in particular on fire escape routes and high level pedestrian access walkways. In the UK allowing birds to infest a food business contravenes the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and may lead to prosecution.

Coastal areas are also at risk from gulls which can cause significant damage to property during the nesting season, ripping insulation from piping and causing guttering to become blocked with fouling runoff and other waste materials. The presence of birds can also prohibit other service work such as air conditioning (a/c) repairs and roof maintenance due to accumulation of fouling and aggressive behaviour of gulls during nesting.

Birds, their fouling and nests provide ideal environments for secondary pest species to breed. Beetles, fleas, flies and ticks are all commonly associated with bird populations. The prevention of bird populations on buildings is the best measure to ensure these insects are not permitted to breed.

Your business can benefit from our full range of services

  • Bird proofing – Prevention is cheaper than cure (Netting, Spiking, Sprung wires, Weldmesh, Bird Fire Gel)
  • Specialist cleaning and decontamination of areas of bird fouling
  • Bird culls
  • Long term gull managementFeral Pigeons
  • Trapping & Release
  • Hawking

 All bird work undertaken by Westgate Pest Control is conducted in a responsible, discreet manner. Full risk assessments and method statements are provided before work is commenced and our staff are experienced in dealing with this some time emotive work.

Get in contact today to see how you can benefit from working with us.

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