Coronavirus update for domestic customers

Pest control is essential to public health & wellbeing

We recognise that these are very worrying times and sharing your house with pests can be very stressful. If you need a treatment, we will work with you to protect you and our team member who will undertake the work.

Please note we cannot undertake treatment where a member of the household is self isolating due to corvid 19 symptoms, or is infected.

Our staff know that if they exhibit any symptoms of Covid 19 they are to self isolate and not attend work

Our staff are well briefed in washing hands in warm soapy frequently for at least 20 seconds and if this is not possible using hand sanitiser gel.

Our staff know to catch coughs in a tissue or their sleeve.

Our staff avoid touching their mouth, face eyes and with unwashed hands.

Our staff avoid contact with people who unwell.

Our staff practice social distancing (keeping 2 metres apart) and we request that you do so too, in fact it is probably best if you stay in a different room if there is not enough space to allow a 2 metre gap. Where this is not possible we will wear a mask and gloves.

Due to the current circumstances please do not offer our staff refreshments.

Thank you for your cooperation and please stay safe, if you need clarification please call us on 01273 911350 or email us at

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