Fly on meatInsects may be small but the problems they cause can be extensive. Westgate Pest Control provide a full service for the prevention and control of insects pests. We have over 12 year’s experience in dealing with a wide range of insect and invertebrate pests. Whatever your insect problem we can design a solution for you at a competitive price.

Why control Insects?

  • Prevent contamination & disease
  • Safeguard your investments
  • Protect your reputation
  • Meet your legal requirements
  • Prevent stings and bites

We use professional grade products that can be applied effectively and safely using specialist equipment. Our work is carried out after a full risk assessment to ensure the highest standard of Health & Safety is achieved. We can supply full COSHH and risk assessments and will take the time to explain our treatment before commencing, to ensure you understand and are happy with the procedure.

Whether it be the safe control of a wasp nest in the attic or the installation and maintenance of a complex pheromone based moth mating disruption system, we have the experience and skills that can help you.

How we can help You

  • One off treatment plans for the eradication of insect pests. (Ants, Beetles, Cockroaches, Earwigs, Firebrats, Fleas, Flies, Hornets. Moths, Silverfish, Wasps and more)
  • Service contracts for ongoing monitoring and prevention to comply with Food safety regulations
  • Wasp nest destruction
  • Insect monitoring
  • Integrated wasp control programs
  • Organic control options – Compliant with the Soil Association
  • Electronic Fly Killer (EFK) service, sales and consumable sales (Boards / Tubes)
  • Fly screen installation
  • Strip curtain door sale and installation.
  • Insect identification service
  • Bee nest / swarm removal.
  • Pheromone monitoring and mating disruption of stored product insects.
  • Pest awareness training
  • Spider Control / advice

All  work undertaken by Westgate Pest Control is conducted in a responsible, discreet manner.  We work diligently and professionally to protect your home or business from the negative impact Insect Pest species can have.

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