Pest Control and Food Manufacturing Standards

Pest Control Procedures and Food Manufacturing Standards

With changes in a number of 3rd party audit specifications in the early part of 2015, the Pest Control Procedures used by pest controllers and food manufacturers can easily fall foul of audit non compliance. We’re here to help all Sussex, Surrey and Kent food manufacturers to be compliant.

In July 2015, Pest Magazine published an article written by Westgate Pest Control Director, Paul Westgate, looking at some of these changes and their possible impacts upon Pest Control procedures in the food industry.

It is important, Paul details, for Pest Controllers and Food Manufacturers to ensure a good working partnership is in place to help drive standards and provide a service that not only meets, but exceeds audit standards.

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Are you a Sussex, Surrey or Kent-based manufacturer looking to improve your pest control procedures in the food industry? Our team has over 12 years experience working in the food industry and a long list of accreditations.

We work in Sussex, Surrey and Kent plus much of the UK if required. Please get in touch for more information and request a free no-obligation survey!


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