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Rats, Mice & Grey Squirrels are known carriers and distributors of disease, damage our homes, eat our food and cause distress and anxiety. Their presence in homes and businesses presents a significant risk to health and their swift control should be priority for home and building owners.

Good pest control practices of Excluding Rodents from buildings, Restricting their access to food and harbourage and providing on going monitoring and if needed eradication should be utilised to minimise the risk of significant rodent problems arising. Westgate Pest Control  provide pro-active pest control systems to minimise the risk and ensure rodent issues cannot escalate.

Our operatives are fully trained and experienced in dealing with the challenges rodents can present and can help you to

  • Prevent contamination & disease
  • Safeguard your investments
  • Protect your reputation
  • Meet your legal requirements
  • Prevent fear

How we can help you 

Westgate Pest Control provide a full range of solutions to controlling and preventing rodent pest issues.

  • FREE Surveys – To identify issues and design bespoke treatment for you
  • Full eradication service for Rats, Mice and Squirrels
  • Pest control service agreements to protect your Business or  Home on an on-going basis.
  • Proofing surveys and resolution to help keep your premise pest free.
  • An Organic service to Soil Association standards, to ensure the absolute minimal  environmental impact.

We are full members of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA), trained to BPCA level II, hold food hygiene certification and are experienced in dealing with rodent issues. Above all we are passionate about our work and have a can do attitude.

All  work undertaken by Westgate Pest Control is conducted in a responsible, discreet manner. Full risk assessments and method statements are available for all work and our staff are understanding of the emotive nature of our work.

We work diligently and professionally to protect your home or business from the negative impacts rodent Pest species can have.House Mouse

Get in contact today  to see how you would benefit from working with Westgate Pest Control.

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