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WaspWasps can causes significant distress and alarm. Westgate Pest Control provide the following professional services

  • Treatment of wasp nests with legally approved pesticides
  • Removal of old wasp nests (to prevent other insect problems and alarm for persons who may come into contact with the nest)
  • Wasp trap supply and service – Typically for outside dining areas to help keep customers safe from wasp stings and help businesses demonstrate their due diligence

How do You Control Wasps ?

Our fully trained and experienced technicians will carry out a full survey of the area before conducting the treatment. During the survey they will check that treatment is justified and safe to undertake. Once the survey is completed they will select the most appropriate control method, this is most often an insecticide powder which is applied directly to the nest or entrance to the nest.

We have special lances which enable us to treat nests safely from the ground, minimising the risk associated with working at heights.

Once the treatment is concluded our staff will provide a full report of actions taken and of any pesticides used to ensure risks are managed and legal duties obliged.

If you require and the nest is accessible, we can arrange a second visit to remove the treated nest. Removal of the nest helps to prevent future insect activity


What’s the Problem with Wasps?

For most of the summer wasps undertake a useful role in nature as pest controllers eating small insects including caterpillars and aphids which could become pests of plants, and generally cause little concern. As the summer progresses and nest size increases the risk associated with these insects grow.

  • Their sting can be painful
  • Some people can have an allergic reaction to a wasp sting (known as anaphylaxis) which can in rare cases cause death. It is estimated that around 3 – 5 die each year in the UK from wasp stings.
  • Their presence can cause fear and distress

As the summer progresses and the wasp nest reaches its full size, towards the later end of summer, the queen wasp stops producing larvae (grub). The worker wasps, which have been collecting small insects to fed to the larvae in return for a sugary reward now have no need to collect insects and receive no sugary reward. The workers now switch from hunting small insects to craving sugar! in nature they find fallen fruits and meat from which to feed but more often they find our outdoor picnics and drinks. It is this time of the year when the wasps become the most troublesome.

Wasp Traps

We can supply, install and service professional wasp traps.

These are particularly beneficial at reducing wasp complaints from customers using outside dining areas especially in late summer and can help ensure business owners meet their statutory health and safety requirements. If you are a business owner and would like a free survey to see how proactive wasp management would benefit your business get in touch today to schedule a visit from one of our professionals.




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